Environmental Impact Statement

EIS Public Consultation

Community Information Session Dates
How to make a submission


i. Glossary
ii. Executive Summary
iii-TOR Cross Reference Table

Volume 1 – Chapters

Chapter 1-Introduction
Chapter 2-Consultation Process
Chapter 3-Project Description and Alternatives
Chapter 4-Climate
Chapter 5-Land
Chapter 6-Water
Chapter 7-Regulated Structures
Chapter 8-Flora and Fauna
Chapter 9-Air
Chapter 10-Noise and Vibration
Chapter 11-Waste Management
Chapter 12-Hazards and Safety
Chapter 13-Cultural Heritage
Chapter 14-Social
Chapter 15-Economic
Chapter 16-Transport
Chapter 17-MNES
Chapter 18-Cumulative Impacts
Chapter 19-Risk Assessment
Chapter 20-Offsite Water Storage Facility and Associated Pipeline
Chapter 21-Commitments
Chapter 22-Conditions
Chapter 23-References

Volume 2 – Appendices

A1 – Voluntary Ecological Enhancement Program
A2 – Multicom Policies
A3 – List of Contributors
A4 – EPBC 2017-8007 Decision on Referral
A5 – Environmental Management Plan Framework
A6 – Community and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
A7 – Social Impact Assessment
A8 – Economic Impact Assessment
A9 – Project Newsletters and Fact Sheets
A10 – Community Consultation Feedback Forms
A11 – Project Advertisements and Media
A12 – Historical Climate Data from Julia Creek Post Office Station
A13 – Historical Climate Data from Toorak Research Station
A14 – Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Technical Report
A15 – Detailed Geological Cross-Sections
A16 – Surface Water Technical Assessment Report
A17 – Surface Water Baseline Monitoring Results
A18 – Groundwater Technical Report
A19 – Groundwater Baseline Monitoring Results
A20 – Terrestrial Ecology Technical Report
A21 – Noise and Vibration Assessment Technical Report
A22 – Dust Baseline Monitoring Results
A23 – Non-Indigenous Cultural Heritage Assessment
A24 – Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Tenement Search
A25 – Traffic Impact Assessment
A26 – Soils and Land Suitability Assessment
A27 – Mine Material Management Plan
A28 – Aquatic Ecology Assessment
A29 – Water Supply Infrastructure for the SEVP
A30 – Hydrological Assessment for the SEVP within the Flinders River Basin
A31 – Groundwater Monitoring Plan
A32 – Water Storage Facility Failure Impact Assessment
A33 – Offsite Water Storage Facility and Associated Pipeline Desktop Searches